Family support decisions are often involved in the divorce process. Attorney Merlyn Meinerts is equipped to help you understand all of the factors involved and to seek equitable solutions.

Minnesota Child Support Guidelines

In the past, child support was based on the net income of the payer. Today, child support is based on the combined gross income of both parties. We assist mothers and fathers in obtaining a fair child support agreement and modifying the terms as needed.

Alimony (Spousal Mainenance)

Alimony (known in Minnesota as “spousal maintenance”) is available if one of the parties doesn’t have enough income or property to support him or herself.

Enforcement of Family Support

When one party fails to meet his or her court-ordered financial obligations for child support or alimony as stated in the divorce decree, he or she may be found to be in contempt of court. Whether you are the party pursuing missed payments or the support payor, it is in your interest to obtain an experienced family law attorney to represent you and to protect your rights.

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