Whatever direction your divorce action takes — the mediation process, the collaborative law process or the litigation process — all the same issues need to be resolved. With a law practice focused on family law since 1993, divorce attorney Merlyn Meinerts knows Minnesota divorce law well. Our law office stays current with the law, changes in the law and the most recent family court actions.

Throughout the divorce process, lawyer Merlyn Meinerts will work toward your goals to solve problems associated with your divorce and the restructuring of your family. He will ensure that you know your rights and your options and alternatives.

Our law office is committed to keeping your divorce as cost-effective as possible without sacrificing your rights.

A Roadmap to Divorce

Learn more about the three major steps to completing the divorce process in Minnesota, which includes gathering information, initiating the divorce, and signing the Marital Termination Agreement.


If both parties are willing, mediation is an excellent tool for moving to the next phase of life in a way that can be less expensive, less time-consuming, and more certain.

Collaborative Divorce

If both parties are willing, mediation is an excellent tool for moving to the next phase of life without jeopardizing the family finances.

Contested Divorce

In any divorce trial, a difference can be made in how your lawyer prepares your case and presents it to the judge. Preparation and persuasiveness can set one party’s case apart from another.

Divorce with Foreclosure and Bankruptcy

Divorcing couples are faced with numerous options and obligations regarding finances, property division, and children. However, when couples are facing foreclosure on the family home or are in the process of filing for bankruptcy, the number of issues that must be addressed increase significantly.

Learn the Different Legal Paths a Divorce can take in Minnesota