In Minnesota, legal separation provides an alternative to divorce when the parties don’t want to dissolve their relationship but need well-defined, court-ordered expectations.

There are several reasons why people choose legal separation instead of divorce. Many do so for religious convictions. Others want time to pursue counseling or therapy and find out if the marriage can be restored. The legal separation process ensures that each side’s rights will be protected and respected in the interim.

The process of a legal separation is very similar to a divorce. The outcome is also similar. Lawyer Merlyn Meinerts will seek orders for child custody, visitation, child support, spousal maintenance and occupancy of a homestead during the separation.

The separated couple needs to be certain about financial responsibilities, including:

  • Determining who will pay what bills
  • Preserving the marital estate if there are concerns that one party might waste or sell assets

Throughout the legal separation process, lawyer Merlyn Meinerts will work to help you accomplish your goals. He will ensure that you know your rights, your options and your alternatives.

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