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When a non-custodial parent fails to meet his or her court-ordered financial obligations for child support as stated in the divorce decree, he or she may be found to be in contempt of court.

Whether you are the party pursuing missed payments or the support payor, it is in your interest to obtain an experienced family law attorney to represent you and to protect your rights. Contact our Burnsville enforcement of family support attorneys to learn more about your legal options and what our firm can do to assist you.

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Legal Actions to Take Against Offenders

For the custodial parent who has allegedly not received support payments for the child involved, he or she can obtain an order to show cause. This is an order from the court demanding that the payor appear in court and demonstrate why he or she has failed to make the ordered payments—in other words, why he or she has not been meeting the financial obligations ordered in the divorce decree. If the alleged offender is found to be in contempt, an evidentiary hearing will be scheduled to determine the person’s ability to pay.

Other enforcement actions may also be considered in addition to the order to show just cause. These include seeking an entry of judgment for delinquent child support payments or spousal maintenance. For unpaid family support, the receiver can obtain a garnishment of wages or bank accounts.

Defense for Alleged Nonpayment of Family Support

For alleged offenders, the evidentiary hearing allows you and your lawyer to present your case as to why you have not kept current with your family support obligations. Often, the evidence presented may include a change of income or a financial catastrophe or another event that will demonstrate the inability to pay.

If the court is persuaded that you have experienced just cause for lack of payment, it can establish purge conditions allowing you to purge yourself of contempt by following certain restrictions. It may also establish payment guidelines that differ from the original divorce decree.

Before withholding child support or alimony payments, speak with our team at Meinerts Law. We can assist you with petitioning for post-decree modifications and avoiding contempt of court charges for violating the terms of the initial divorce decree.

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