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Legal Alternatives to Divorce in South Metro & Dakota County

If you and your spouse are having irreconcilable differences but do not wish to get a divorce, you may want to explore legal separation as an alternative. It is a common misconception that spouses who need some time apart must entirely dissolve the marriage. However, we know that there are a variety of reasons why this is not ideal or practical, such as for the sake of the children or finances. Whatever your reasoning may be, our Scott County MN legal separation attorney at Meinerts Law is here to assist you.

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What Is a Legal Separation?

A legal separation process is very similar to what you go through in a divorce, in that you will discuss many of the same issues and live apart. Having legal representation on your side can make the process go much easier for everyone involved, especially to eliminate stress being put on your children.

A few of the topics you will need to come to an agreement on include:

  • If alimony or spousal support will be paid
  • Who will care for your shared children
  • Who will pay child support and how much
  • Who will live in the family home
  • How your assets will be divided

Discuss Your Legal Separation in Minnesota

Many couples who come to us for guidance and representation are looking for a defined court order that outlines the changes of a relationship without seeking a divorce. Maybe you want to take some time to determine if you can get over your differences and reconcile your marriage. Or perhaps you simply want time to figure out your finances and how the children will be affected while spending time apart - our separation attorney in Scott County can help. We also provide mediation services.

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Here at Meinerts Law Office, P. A, our Scott County family law attorney is focused on providing clients with skilled legal representation. We can provide you with alternative dispute resolutions to help your family move forward in a quicker and less-stressful manner. For nearly 25 years, attorney Merlyn Meinerts has helped clients with simple and complex family law cases.

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