If circumstances have changed since your divorce and you need a modification in child support, child custody, child visitation arrangements or spousal maintenance, we can help.

Child Support Modifications

When financial situations change, there is often a need to change the child support obligations. If the parent paying support loses a job or is forced by circumstances to take a lower-paying job, there could be a need to go to court to change support obligations. No changes in child support payments should be made without court authorization. Our child support lawyer can help you.

Child Custody Modifications

For many different reasons, the custody and visitation orders may need to be changed. A child may express a sudden preference to live with the other parent. There could be issues of abuse or neglect or a parent’s chemical dependency. When a parent relocates out of state, should the custody and visitation orders be changed? Our family law firm can advise and represent you in modification proceedings.

Spousal Maintenance Modifications

Has the spouse who is receiving spousal support had a change in circumstances? Spousal maintenance is based on need and circumstances. When both change, it may be time for a modification.

Learn about Post-decree Modifications