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Effective Representation For Complex Family Law Matters

Meinerts Law Office, P.A., understands that “family law” just doesn’t refer to divorce, but actually encompasses a variety of different legal matters. The firm is proud to offer dynamic, experienced legal counsel that’s ready to respond to various family law and divorce issues.

Meinerts Law Office, P.A., endeavors to ensure that all clients have access to comprehensive solutions to their case and that the firm pursues all viable avenues toward favorable results. While the firm is trial-ready, it also help clients in the south metro explore alternative dispute resolution options like mediation that could reduce conflict and stress.

Personalized Guidance For Changing Families

Whether you are preparing to get married, facing a divorce and are unsure of your options, or addressing an issue with your co-parent, the firm is ready to help. Meinerts Law Office, P.A., handles a variety of family law issues, including:

No two clients are families are alike and the firm believes that this practice area calls for personalized counsel that is sensitive to each client’s unique circumstances. Meinerts Law Office, P.A., recognizes the individuals behind the cases it takes on and listens to their specific needs and concerns. The firm works closely with clients to directly address the challenges they face, including working with clients of faith to approach the divorce process while respecting their beliefs.

A Divorce Path That Reflects Your Needs

There are many legal firms that promise clients and their loved ones ruthless courtroom tactics and big results. While taking a divorce to court can help some clients, this approach is not necessarily right for every family.

Meinerts Law Office, P.A., approaches family law matters differently. While attorney Merlyn Meinerts is trial-ready when litigation is the best path for his clients, he also has decades of experience in other solutions like collaborative divorce and mediation that can save clients time, money and emotional strain. Whether you need a neutral mediator to help you reach a fair resolution or want individual representation to help you stand up for your interests, he can offer insight and guidance to help you make informed decisions.

Navigating Financial Challenges

Meinerts Law Office, P.A., understands that, in addition to the emotional strain that can come with family law concerns, these changes in your life can also bring complex changes to your finances. You may have concerns about whether you will receive your fair share of your household’s property. You may be uncertain how you will support your family, especially if you earn significantly less than your spouse or took time away from the workforce to take care of your home. You may wonder whether the court will require you to pay support payments long after your divorce is finalized.

Meinerts Law Office, P.A., helps people address the many ways that divorce and other matters can change their life, including the way that these concerns impact their cash flow. The firm helps clients negotiate fair solutions that protect their rights and ensure that their family has necessary support as they enter the next chapter of their lives.

Contact Meinerts Law Office, P.A., To Explore Your Options

When you and your family navigate an uncertain time, it is important to have the right guidance at every stage. Contact the firm online or call 952-208-8500 to request a consultation today.