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Restraining order attorneyAre you in fear for your safety or the safety of your child? At Meinerts Law, we take domestic violence in any and all forms very seriously. We have seen domestic violence become more and more prevalent, especially in divorce and family-related cases. Many spouses or parents use forms of domestic violence to gain control over a situation.

Our restraining order attorneys at Meinerts Law can help you file for an order for protection to keep yourself and your family safe from violence.

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How to Get an Order for Protection in MN

If you do not feel that you are safe from your spouse, romantic partner, or another party with whom you share a household and want to seek an order of protection, the first step is to speak with a lawyer. We can help you contact the court and seek an ex parte order for protection.

An order of protection may be appropriate if you have been a victim of the following:

  • Harassment
  • Stalking
  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Verbal abuse
  • Child abuse

Most likely, you will receive a temporary order until a hearing can be scheduled to discuss the allegations you have made. An initial hearing will take place where you and the other party can tell your sides of the story. An evidentiary hearing may then be scheduled.

    How Does an Order of Protection Work?

    If a permanent order of protection is granted as a result of an evidentiary hearing, this means that the accused party must stay away from you. This includes your home, your work, and if you share children together, your children in most cases. You may be awarded permanent or temporary child custody, depending on the circumstances.

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