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Post decree Modification

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Spousal Maintenance Modifications

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Child Custody Modifications

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Child Support Modifications

Helping Clients With Post-Decree Court Order Modifications

Family court orders are made based on the circumstances at the time, such as each party’s income or your child’s needs at the time. If your life circumstances have changed significantly since then and you need an adjustment to the terms of your court order, then you will need to ask the court for a modification. From the firm’s office in Burnsville, Meinerts Law Office, P.A., can help you pursue a court order modification that works for you.

When Can A Court Order Be Modified?

At Meinerts Law Office, P.A., attorney Merlyn Meinerts understands that when your life changes drastically and unexpectedly, it can cause a great deal of stress. Even if you and your ex-spouse can come to an agreement on the proposed changes, you cannot simply change the terms without going through the proper legal process. He is here to help guide you through the modification process as smoothly as possible.

He can help you with the following types of modifications:

  • Child support modifications: If your financial situation has changed and you can no longer pay as much money or your child’s needs have increased, the amount of child support being paid should change too.
  • Child custody and parenting time modifications: Has there been a substantial change in circumstances since the original custody and parenting time Order? We can help you change your parenting schedule or custody agreement.
  • Spousal maintenance modifications: Have you been receiving spousal support and suddenly had an improvement in circumstances? Or have you been paying and want to revisit the amount you owe?

With decades of family law experience, attorney Meinerts can help you navigate these life changes and ensure that your court orders reflect your evolving situation.

Get Answers To Your Questions Today

If you wonder whether your court orders should be modified to better reflect on your life today, call Meinerts Law Office, P.A., at 952-208-8500 or contact the firm online. Attorney Meinerts would be happy to guide you through your options in a no-cost phone consultation.