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How can I make the divorce process as cost-effective as possible?

Addressing Your Concerns About Cash Flow With Child Support And Alimony

Are you currently dealing with a child support or spousal maintenance dispute with your spouse? Or have you already divorced your spouse but they are refusing to make the court-ordered payments?

Whatever your situation, the Burnsville alimony attorney from Meinerts Law Office, P.A., is prepared to help you. Attorney Merlyn Meinerts takes the time to ensure that his clients understand the various factors involved in child support and alimony matters and helps them seek the most favorable solution.

Will Support Payments Be Part Of Your Finances After Divorce?

Both parents are required to financially support their child, and child support ensures that both parents can meet the child’s needs in their separate households. Child support is a common part of co-parenting, and the amount of support that either parent receives is based on a set of guidelines outlined in the law.

Spousal support, on the other hand, is not a part of every couple’s finances after their marriage ends. The receiving spouse must show that these payments are necessary to meet a reasonable standard of living after divorce. For example, a spouse who left the workforce to raise the couple’s children may need additional support as they pursue an education or training necessary for their career.

Because both of these payments are based on a couple’s unique situation, it is important for people to have guidance as they move through the divorce process. The right legal strategy can help you protect your interests, whether you want to limit the impact that paying support has on your financial health or want to receive payments so that you can support your family as your situation changes.

Reaching A Fair Support Arrangement After Divorce

Meinerts Law Office, P.A., strives to provide you with the level of representation you deserve. Attorney Merlyn Meinerts knows that divorce can be a difficult time for everyone in your family, including your children. If you have concerns about how you will support yourself or your child, or need assistance with modifications, he is here to help.

His goal is to take the burden away from you and your family and help guide you towards the best possible decisions. You can rely on him to ensure you understand your rights and options at all times.

Protect Your Financial Health Today

While considering the impact of support payments can be daunting, the right guidance can help you make informed decisions. Learn more about how Meinerts Law Office, P.A., can advocate for you and your child’s best interests by reaching out to the firm at 952-208-8500 for a free phone consultation.