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About Meinerts Law Office, P.A.

Meinerts Law Office, P.A., is dedicated to providing clients and their loved ones with comprehensive family law and divorce solutions. By putting the well-being of clients first and focusing exclusively on family law matters, the firm has garnered awards and industry recognition for our work in these sensitive matters.

Attorney Merlyn Meinerts has been industry recognized for his work in this challenging practice area. As a Rule 114 certified mediator and early neutral evaluation provider, he has the experience not only to help clients navigate litigated divorce but also explore the alternative options available to them. He is proud to set a high standard for case results and client advocacy in the local legal community.

How Does Meinerts Law Office, P.A., Approach Family Law And Divorce?

At Meinerts Law Office, P.A., assisting clients with their divorce is not simply a matter of ensuring they can walk away from their marriage with terms they feel they deserve. At the firm, we recognize the emotional toll these matters have on clients and what can be done to mitigate the stress and exhaustion that often comes with this process.

The firm is also proud to offer various alternative divorce avenues for clients who need them. Options like collaborative divorce and mediation have proven to be extraordinarily beneficial for clients and families looking to dissolve their marriage and the firm is ready to help them navigate these procedures. When needed, trial-ready attorney Merlyn Meinerts is also ready to represent our clients in the courtroom and ensure that their rights and interests are compellingly articulated before the judge.

Meinerts Law Office, P.A., understands that a fair resolution to any family law matter must address that family’s unique situation. By working to fully understand their concerns and building trust at every stage of the process, we have helped our clients reach creative solutions that reflect their concerns. Whether balancing the unique needs of both parents and children or navigating the complexities faced by our clients of faith, we are proud to help clients fully understand their options are during the divorce process.

Bring Our Experience To Your Family Law Matter

You do not have to face this critical time alone. No matter what your circumstances are, attorney Merlyn Meinerts is ready to stand with you. Meinerts Law Office, P.A., offers friendly, no-obligation consultations to discuss your options. Call the firm’s offices at 952-208-8500 today.