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Child Support and Alimony

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What is the obligation to pay child support based on?

Navigating Minnesota’s Child Support Guidelines

Once child custody has been established, child support is typically calculated according to Minnesota child support guidelines. Those guidelines changed significantly in January of 2007. In the past, child support was based on the net income of the payer. Today, child support is based on the combined gross income of both parties.

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Child Custody Has An Impact On Child Support

In 2018, the Minnesota child support guidelines were updated again, so that the amount of child support you pay will depend on the combined gross income of both parties and the number of overnights your child spends with you over the course of a calendar year.

Child Support Can Be Adjusted

Child support is subject to a cost of living adjustment (COLA) every two years. Payments can also be adjusted whenever there is a change in either parent’s financial circumstances that would change child support by 20% or more. Under Minnesota law, the parties can require a review of financial circumstances every six months.

When changes in circumstances require a modification or enforcement of child support, the firm’s Burnsville child support lawyer can help you through that process as well.

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