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Describe the mediation process in divorce

Offering Alternatives To Divorce Court In Dakota County

Divorce does not necessarily have to be a fight. When both parties in a divorce are willing to negotiate and work together to resolve issues such as child custody, marital property division and spousal maintenance, the collaborative law process provides a solution.

Meinerts Law Office, P.A., recommends that, when possible, divorcing couples consider collaborative divorce as an option for dissolving their marriage. The Dakota County firm can walk you through the steps of this procedure and ensure that both parties benefit from this process.

What Is Collaborative Divorce?

A contested divorce – the process many people are most familiar with – begins with one spouse filing for divorce. Both spouses would enlist the help of an attorney to advocate on their behalf as they navigate a series of hearings. In the end, the court decides how to divide their property, how they will handle custody and whether their finances after divorce will include spousal support or child support. This process often involves conflict and other challenges, and the outcome may not be fair to both spouses.

In a collaborative divorce, on the other hand, both parties agree to settle their differences through the collaborative law process. Each party will be represented by their own lawyer. The collaborative divorce attorneys will deal with each other directly. Each lawyer will make sure their respective client’s objectives are heard and their rights are protected.

What Are The Benefits Of A Collaborative Divorce?

The collaborative process allows the parties to determine how their family will be restructured in a divorce, rather than letting a court decide. The parties and their attorneys also work together to resolve other divorce issues outside of the court. For instance, you and your spouse can agree to use the same appraiser, business valuation expert, financial planner and other experts as you divide your marital property.

Since the collaborative process is streamlined and does not use adversarial tactics, it often costs less, and there is less emotional debris to clean up in the aftermath of the divorce decree. The collaborative process can also help parents avoid conflict and take the first steps toward more peaceful co-parenting as they navigate custody and visitation.

Consult A Burnsville Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

Attorney Merlyn Meinerts is certified by the Minnesota Supreme Court under Alternative Dispute Resolution Rule 114. Judges and other lawyers have sought Mr. Meinerts’ help because of his reputation for the effective use of both the mediation process and collaborative law.

Do you believe that collaborative divorce is a possibility for you and your spouse? Meinerts Law Office, P.A., is ready to assist you. Contact the firm’s offices to request a consultation.