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Property Division

Protecting Your Interests When Dividing Businesses And Other Complex Property

Property division, determining a just and equitable distribution of marital assets and liabilities, is often one of the most contested areas of divorce. Questions of fairness and equity are often colored by the emotion of divorce.

An already complicated process, property division becomes more so when high-value, complex assets are involved. One of the most complex assets a couple may possess is a closely held or family-owned business. Meinerts Law Office, P.A., is well-versed in handling cases with complex assets, including businesses. Attorney Merlyn Meinerts can help you negotiate a fair outcome, and our trial-ready attorney can ensure that your claim to the marital estate is compellingly put forth before the law in court if necessary.

The Vital Importance Of Business Assets Appraisal

When couples must work through the division of substantial income and assets as part of a divorce, it is necessary to have legal counsel that possesses financial understanding and sophisticated negotiation skills. With business interests, a couple must choose divorce attorneys who have a full understanding of business and a network of professionals, including certified appraisers, accountants and neutral evaluators.

Having handled numerous high net worth divorces requiring business valuation and division, our team has the experience and skill required to assist clients in obtaining their fair share of assets, including pensions and retirement accounts, real estate, business interests and investment property. Working with a team of professionals, he can accurately determine income for alimony and child support purposes and determine the business value for property division by analyzing:

  • Cash flow
  • In-kind benefits
  • Marketability of a small business interest
  • Minority interest discounts to value

For divorcing couples with significant assets, including a small business, Meinerts Law Office, P.A., has the experience, skill, and resources to fully value marital property and negotiate property division.

Learn More About How To Protect Your Valuable Possessions

When you face complex issues during property division, you deserve to have an experienced attorney by your side. Call 952-208-8500 or reach out to the firm online to speak with a skilled legal advocate today.